2014 Year in Review - Exhibit Multimedia Reflections

2014 Year in Review - Exhibit Multimedia Reflections

Dec 26 2014

It’s been an exciting year for us at point2explore and for professionals in the multimedia industry.  For me, two words come to mind when looking back on this year.  Those two words are Partnerships and Expansion.  Our biggest successes of the year are tied to these two words.

Partnerships:  2014 was a year where partnerships have brought us opportunity more than any other year before.  Our new client partnerships with exhibit designers have brought us opportunity to work with very talented and professional exhibit design companies and the great people who work in those companies.  A number of museum exhibit design firms have “discovered” point2explore’s products and custom interactive programming capabilities.  Working in partnerships like this allows us to expand our networks and build trusted relationships with some of the great minds in our industry.  Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that through partnerships like these, the end client museum benefits greatly by having the oversight of the design firm that knows the big picture working closely with our experienced project managers and programmers.  This has been a Win-Win for the clients we’ve had the privilege to work with.   

We’ve also stepped into a partnership with a reseller for some of our “off the shelf” kiosk software products.  This is very exciting for us.  We found a partner with some great, complimentary products who is actively pursuing a target market that we have not pursued actively on our own.  This expands our reach beyond our museum markets and allows us to have our interactive kiosk games educating people in new venues.  We look forward to the coming year to see what new plateaus these partnerships will bring us.  

Expansion: This past year we’ve invested in two main areas of expansion.  First, we will be officially introducing our new product line of museum digital signage content next month.  If you’ve read previous entries to this blog you may know of our expertise in digital signage and our extensive R&D for the perfect hardware partner (yes, another partner credited to 2014).  We’ve committed to BrightSign for the hardware side of our museum digital signage business and we’ve developed some exciting products geared towards offering Museums great, new content options.  Stay tuned to our communications to hear about the official launch in early 2015.

We’ve also greatly expanded our web hosting services.  As you may know, our company is a full service multimedia development studio and web sites are a large part of that business. We’ve upgraded our web hosting services to accommodate our growing list of web clients but also to accommodate our newest kiosk interactive offerings where we serve content from the web and offer our games on mobile devices.  With this expansion you can expect point2explore to begin to develop more hybrid kiosk/web app type programs and games.  We will also be launching our first customizable online museum “app-type” program in the coming months that museums can offer to visitors to use on their mobile devices.  

It’s been an exciting year and the partnerships and expansion from 2014 make 2015 look even more exciting.  We hope to connect with more people and work on more entertaining and educational projects.  

If you have comments or questions please comment here or give us a call or send us an email.

Chris Meyer
CD Meyer, Inc./point2explore
point2explore is product line of customizable touch screen kiosk programs including interactive games and informational software programs.  point2explore products are currently running in over 100 museums and have been used in corporate events across the country. Visit our web site at http://www.point2explore.com.


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