Key consideration #9: Kiosk Maintenance

Dec 27 2012

Continuing our series:  Ten Key Considerations for Exhibit Multimedia Success.

Maintenance, who and how?

In order to get the longest life out of your touch screen kiosk computer hardware, you should be prepared to regularly check and service your system.  A clean kiosk is a happy kiosk.  The number one cause of computer hardware failure is dirt and dust.  Computers are magnets for dust and when dust accumulates in kiosks and computer fans, they can get clogged, or worse, burn out.  Without the proper cooling, your computer components stand to fail or burn out.  Don't be surprised when you open up your kiosk for the first time (a couple of months after delivery) with the amount of dust (and other things) you'll find.  A simple vacuuming of the inside of the kiosk and all fans (kiosk and computer) will go a long way.  Depending on how dusty your facility is will determine how often you will need to clean.  And while you have the kiosk open - remove any other debris found.  (I once found some fuzzy Gummy Bears in a kiosk I was cleaning).

Don't forget the outside.  Make sure your kiosk appears clean on the outside too.  A clean, attractive kiosk will get more use than a dirty or grungy looking kiosk.  You should wipe down the outside of the kiosk regularly.  Make sure to use appropriate cleaners for the different components and materials exposed.  For info on proper cleaning of touch screen displays, see our archived blog “Fingerprints, Dust, and Gummy Bears.  Clean screens and kiosks!” from May 2006.

Data maintenance.  If you have set up your kiosk computer program(s) to collect data, make sure you regularly "download" the data.  This step often gets ignored but remember (from Key Consideration #8, ROI) that your collected data is very valuable.  The more often you download the data, the better prepared you will be to use the data for your benefit.  Don't wait until your Hard Drive dies to remember that you never looked at the data.

Software/content maintenance.  Maintaining your kiosk is not only a hardware issue.  If you have the ability (or money) to upgrade the content of your software, make sure you do it.  Based on changes in your exhibits (or the data you are collecting) you may have an opportunity to make your software more effective, educational and relevant.

Who?  Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to handle the maintenance of the kiosk.  It just takes someone willing to accept the responsibility.  It is important to determine who's responsibility it will be for maintenance so that you don't end up sorry when it is neglected.

Follow these basic kiosk maintenance guidelines and your kiosk will enjoy a long and useful life.

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