Top 10 Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Tips – Wrap Up

Jan 31 2014

So as I look back on the Top 10 Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Tips it looks like we’ve covered all of the main concerns when it comes to kiosk maintenance.  Implementing these tips in your own version of a kiosk maintenance should give you great results and long lasting touch screen kiosks. 

After finishing the last tip (#10) I was inspired to develop a document that our clients and others can download from our web site that helps set up a kiosk plan for a museum or other venue.  In that document I list the tasks that we’ve identified in these last blog posts, I’ve suggested a frequency and I prompt for the user to assign the task to a person. I hope this Kiosk Maintenance Plan document will be helpful to exhibit personnel.  The document can be found here on our web site, Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Plan.

I may also compile this list of tips into a white paper.  I’m convinced that too many touch screen kiosks and exhibits get forgotten and that performance and reliability issues are caused by the lack of attention.  At point2explore we pride ourselves on providing reliable touch screen kiosk software, however, our job ends upon installation.  It’s the exhibit manager’s responsibility after that and we hope to assist them the best we can.

I hope these tips helped and as always, if you have any additional tips, please let us know.

Chris Meyer


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