Top 10 Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Tips – #10 Develop a Kiosk Maintenance Plan

Dec 20 2013

Finally,  Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Tip number 10.  Now that you know what to do to maintain your touch screen kiosk it’s time to develop a plan for implementation.  

The first step is to prioritize your maintenance tasks.  All of the previous tips vary in importance depending on your specific kiosk usage and needs.  Make your list, rate each task’s importance and make a priority list.

Second, you need to decide on the frequency of maintenance.  You may find that some tasks should be performed weekly (cleaning comes to mind if you have a busy museum kiosk).  You may find that some require monthly or even less frequent attention.  Then combine the frequency with the priority list to create your maintenance plan.  Which tasks need to be done weekly, which ones monthly, etc. 

Finally, you need to determine who is responsible for the maintenance.  You may want one person responsible for all of the kiosk maintenance tasks.  You may want to delegate to several people.  It doesn’t take a very technical person to clean the kiosk but it does take a computer savvy person to do data archiving or updates.  Once you determine the maintenance personnel, make sure they understand the importance of this maintenance plan and the individual tasks so that the maintenance becomes a priority for them.  

One last note, be reasonable.  You don’t want to overburden one person if they are already very busy.  You don’t want to give someone a task they they are uncomfortable performing.  And you don’t want to give an important kiosk maintenance plan task to someone who’s unreliable.  

Have other tips on creating a reasonable and effective kiosk maintenance plan?  Let us know.

Chris Meyer
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