Top 10 Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Tips – #8 Stock Up on Kiosk Maintenance Supplies

Oct 16 2013

Continuing our series on the Top 10 Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Tips, we going to review the supplies you need to maintain your touch screen monitors and kiosks.  As my boy scout leader dad would say, “Be Prepared.”

First and foremost, cleaning supplies.  A clean kiosk is not only a happy kiosk, it’s also a safe kiosk for your users.  Keeping your kiosk clean will keep it running longer and protect your users from germs.  You may need different cleaners for the different surfaces on your kiosk so figure out exactly what you need and stock up.  For the screen and the surrounding areas (where the hands, elbows, etc. will touch), get an anti-bacterial cleaner or wipe (especially during cold and flu season).

If you kiosk uses a printer, do you have paper and ink/toner available?   It’s important to have those supplies available to minimize user frustration and kiosk down time.  We often incorporate large format thermal printers into our kiosks which only require paper so there’s one less thing to keep in stock and replace.

Does your kiosk have any backlit graphics?  Do you have replacement bulbs for your kiosk?  Keeping your kiosk looking its best is important and dim or unlit graphics can definitely convey a  feeling that the exhibit is in disrepair or “uncared for.” 

Finally, replacement kiosk parts:  Your kiosk may use components that wear out.  For instance if a “consumer” track ball is being used and the kiosk gets a lot of use, the track ball may wear out.  Or if there is a component that is particularly susceptible to vandalism you may need to replace it more frequently than you expect.  In these cases you may want to keep a backup component on hand.

Have any ideas for being prepared for kiosk maintenance issues?  Let us know.

Chris Meyer


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