Top 10 Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Tips – #4 Computer Maintenance Part 2

May 15 2013

Continuing on with tip # 4 we have two more computer maintenance tips.  We already addressed OS updates and data backup.   These 2 are equally important.

Software updates.  Some computer touch screen kiosks are set up using a number of software applications to do any number of functions.  If you have a kiosk computer that is connected to the internet or one that is accessed by staff members storage devices like USB sticks, you should have antivirus software running on the computer.  This NEEDS to be updated frequently in order to stave off the latest in viral threats.  Make sure your antivirus software is set to auto update or be sure to manually do an update frequently.  Any other critical software on your computer kiosk should be updated as needed also.  Often bug fixes or updates will better secure your system or increase the efficiency of your computer system.

Defragmentation.  If you have a system that writes data to the hard drive, this tip will keep your system running and responding quickly.  As data gets written and removed from a hard drive, the data placement can get “messy.”  Computers write data to hard drives in spaces on the drive that are available at the time.  So imagine if you never cleaned or moved anything on your desk and as you collected papers and stuff you just placed it wherever there was a spare space.  This can become very disorganized.  That can happen to a hard drive and can cause the hard drive to retrieve or use that data at a slower speed than if it is organized.  Defragmentation will clean up the deleted files and move the remaining files into a more organized structure, thus creating a more efficient hard drive.  This doesn’t need to be done often for a kiosk, but I’d recommend once a year unless you copy and delete a lot (or very large) files regularly.

These kiosk computer maintenance tips will help keep your kiosk computer running smoothly and possibly extend its usable life.

If you have any kiosk computer maintenance questions or methods you’d like to share, let us know.

Chris Meyer


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