Top 10 Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance Tips – #4 Computer Maintenance Part 1

Apr 26 2013

So our first 3 tips concentrated on the kiosk structure or furniture.  It’s very important to maintain an good appearance and keep the housing in good working order.  Now we move onto the guts of the touch screen kiosk, the computer.

Computer maintenance is also a very important task that should be done every 3-6 months depending on what your computer does in its daily use. 

Operating System (OS) updates.  For kiosk computer systems that are not connected to the internet or are not collecting data or being updated, this may not be very important.  However, if your system does do any of these tasks, this is imperative.  Operating system developers (Microsoft for Windows, Apple, or a company that is maintaining a version of Linux) are regularly updating their software as they find bugs or “holes” in their software.  Updates are very easy these days.  If you do not have an internet connection, plug in a connection and do the update as prompted by the OS.  Often there will be a notification on the desktop or in the nav that an update is available.  This can take a few seconds to many minutes depending on the number and extent of the updates.

Data backup.  If your system collects data on usage or information on users, you’ll want to back up this data often.  There’s no use in collecting data if you don’t review it.  In most cases, the software developer makes it very easy to copy the data from the kiosk computer to another data drive or usb stick.  In our point2explore software, it’s usually as simple as dragging a file from the desktop to another storage device.  Don’t forget!!  Once you back the data up, take a look at it.  Usage data is great understand your users and their usage of the kiosk.  If you  have collected email addresses or other user info make sure you transfer it to your mailing lists or CRM application so you can keep it up to date.

Next time we’ll finish up tip #4 with two more important kiosk computer maintenance tips.

If you have any kiosk computer maintenance questions or methods you’d like to share, let us know.

Chris Meyer


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